International Houses Worldwide

International House at the University of Melbourne is part of a worldwide affiliation of International Houses, united together by one mission:

To provide students of different nationalities and diverse cultures with the opportunity to live and learn together in a community of mutual respect, understanding and international friendship.


All International Houses give young people the opportunity to live and learn in a multicultural environment. They offer people from every part of the world the chance to learn more about one another and the world in which they live, while pursuing their own personal goals.


The International House movement was founded by Mr Harry Edmonds. As a young man working for the New York YMCA in 1909, Mr Edmonds had a chance meeting with a Chinese student. Edmond's casual "good morning" on the steps of the Columbia University library provoked the man's response, "I've been in New York three weeks, and you are the first person who has spoken to me." Inspired by this experience, Edmonds decided to investigate the situation of foreign students in New York City. With the funding and support of John D Rockefeller, JR, he opened International House New York in 1924.

International Houses network

We are affiliated with the following International Houses worldwide:

Australia / New Zealand

International House Sydney
International House Brisbane
International House Darwin
International House Wollongong
International House Auckland


Cité internationale universitaire de Paris
International Students House, London
International House, Romania

North America

International House Alberta, Canada
International House Berkeley, United States
International House Chicago, United States
International House New York, United States
International House Philadelphia, United States
International House San Diego, United States
International Student House Washington, United States

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