New Deputy Head of College at International House

International House recently welcomed our new Deputy Head - Mr Daniel Persaud who started his new position in the second semester of 2019.

New Deputy Head at International House

By James Velten 
Australia, Bachelor of Arts

Dan is an Englishman who has been in Australia for 7 years. He worked as the Director of Wellbeing at the University of Melbourne and the Director of Students and Senior Warden at the University of Warwick in the UK. Having been in charge of the Residential Houses at Warwick and the Wellbeing division at the University of Melbourne, he brings his understanding of students' needs, wellbeing and mental health as well as dealing with students in a residential setting.

Community is at the heart of everything Dan has done at the University of Melbourne. Inclusiveness and the feeling of belonging has been a constant thread throughout his career even as a mental health practitioner where he saw the importance of community for people’s wellbeing. An example is the Safer Community Program he ran at the University of Melbourne.  He has always been interested in the work of colleges, having maintained close relations with IH, having worked with Deborah the Head of College on a variety of matters.  What he loves about IH is the community. He believes IH’s biggest strength is its community and the feeling that everyone is a part of that community and everyone has a role to play. For Dan, the real heart of IH is the Dining hall, where all our diverse communities are represented as one community.

Community is so important to Dan and he always tries to give back to whichever community he lives in. He has been a local politician and sat on the board of various schools. For him, giving back to the community is a way to unwind.

Dan really enjoys Melbourne and has truly embraced the city and country that welcomed him 7 years ago. He came here just to work at the University of Melbourne but now has become an Australian and a true member of Melbourne’s diverse community. He enjoys the Art scene and cafĂ© culture here. He also enjoys the theatre. We hope to see his dog Wiggie around IH. Dan also happens to be an avid magician!

For Dan, when it comes to improving IH he reiterates it is about constant improvement. Informed improvement based on evidence. He enjoys talking to students and to his staff to think what can be done.

Dan’s message to students - “ This is your new home. Like any new home you need to feel apart of it. You should really take advantage of all the available opportunities. But make sure you maintain a balance. If there are times you don’t get involved that’s okay. We have a great team and community here that is very supportive. My door is always open so if you ever need support and need to talk things through don’t be afraid to come to me.”

Welcome to IH, Dan!