Graduate Student Association

The International House Graduate Students' Association Inc. (IHGSA) was established in 2015 to promote the interests of graduate students at International House. The IHGSA is a student-run organisation, and has strong links to the Undergraduate Students' Club at the House.


The purpose of the IHGSA is to:

  • Foster a community spirit among members
  • Organise social and academic events, services and opportunities for members
  • Advocate on behalf of the graduate community at the College
  • Help members connect with undergraduate students at the College, and students at other colleges.

The IHGSA elects its own office bearers, including a President who is elected in September each year. All graduate students in residence at the House are able to join the Association, and anyone can attend meetings and raise issues of concern.


As the IHGSA, we are committed to building an uplifting and supportive community for domestic and international students with a focus on student engagement, transparency, and growth.


The IHGSA is responsible for engaging with the community and delivering initiatives for the House, and members meet regularly with the Head and Deputy Head of College to promote a two-way dialogue. Their main areas of concern are facilitating a mentoring program between graduate and undergraduate students at the House, organising a series of cultural events and dinners each semester, delivering a calendar of social events and managing the operation of the Middle Common Room for graduate students.

The IHGSA runs day trips, movie night, relaxing afternoon spa, friendly badminton and table tennis tournaments for graduates. Other cultural events such as the celebration of Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Holi have also been planned by our committee members. The welfare officer has also organised SWOTVAC dinners, birthday celebrations and distributed welfare packs with helpful items for residents during exam time to ease their stress.

Graduate committee

The IHGSA is responsible for engaging with the community and fostering a welcoming environment for prospective and current graduates. From organising social events to raising the community issues to the House, the IHGSA ensures the well-being of each graduate resident.

The graduate association holds several positions along with the Executive members who are the: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer. From the Activities officer who plans and oversees the social events to the Sports Officer for handling sports activities and tournaments, the graduate committee collectively engages with the community.

“In my second year of IH I became the president of the IH graduate student association which is certainly not something that I ever expected when I first moved in. For me this was a really rewarding role where I was able to help people settle into IH life at the start of the year, and help bring everyone together throughout the year to maintain that sense of community even when our schedules filled up. I was able to learn a lot of skills such as event planning, time management, leadership and managing expectations when trying to organise events for so many different people, and these are skills I can take with me throughout my life.”

Nirav Bhatia is from Brisbane, Australia and is studying Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Oral Medicine) at the University of Melbourne. Nirav was the Graduate Student Club President in 2018 - 2019.

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