Learning and support

International House is an ideal environment for graduate students to study and learn, and we will strive to enhance your academic experience in the best way possible. Our learning facilities and enrichment programs have been designed to give you an academic advantage.

IT %26 Academic Facilities

Angus Mitchell Library

Learning facilities

Dedicated study areas

Our academic facilities and quiet study areas provide space for graduate residents to study alone or collaborate over group work. There is an e-learning space within the Angus Mitchell Library that provides 24-hour access to shared computers and printers. As printing is free, residents are asked to provide their own paper.


Wireless internet is available in all graduate apartments and communal living areas. Residents are attributed a weekly data allowance for the purposes of academic study only, with an option to purchase additional data if needed.

Angus Mitchell Library

Our well-stocked library is provided exclusively for use by IH residents. The catalogue, which is available online, contains an extensive range of academic textbooks, English literature, journals, newspapers, magazines and biographies. The collection has an emphasis on Australian and Southeast Asian material and there is even a selected range of fiction material available for light reading. Residents are able to borrow material and can suggest new books for the collection.

Academic and professional enrichment

Academic seminars

Academic seminars are held approximately once per month, and enable graduate students to present on their area of study or research to the International House community. These seminars facilitate knowledge sharing, critical thinking and constructive debate, and help graduate students to develop their confidence with public speaking.


A Mentoring Program with the undergraduate residents of the College enables a mutually beneficial information exchange for graduate students. The Program, which is faciliated by the IH Graduate Student Association, assists with relationship-building and developing communication skills, as graduate students provide academic guidance to their younger protégés.

Guest speakers

Each semester, industry and academic guests present to residents at informal evening sessions. This program is designed to stimulate thinking with engaging content and encourage residents to think broadly about their environment and the world they live in.

Guest Speakers

Graduate Tutorial Program

A Graduate Tutorial Program provides supplementary learning for graduate-level subjects in a small group environment. They offer residents the opportunity to ask questions that they might feel less comfortable asking in university tutorials, and are beneficial for exploring concepts in greater depth.

The Program, which will commence in 2016, will be facilitated across the Colleges of the University of Melbourne by a team of tutors, employed for their area of academic expertise. As an opt-in item, additional fees will apply to residents who wish to enrol in this program.

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