Meet our students

Egidio Simbine

Origin: Mozambique

"I chose to live here because of the short walking distance to the University of Melbourne. It offered a good accommodation rate, a multicultural environment and high-level academic support."

"I have even been fortunate to connect with previous students and older alumni of the House during my time here, which allowed me to build a diverse network and follow in the pathways of some of them."

The highlight of living at International House is living in a brand new building, and meeting so many new people!

Egidio Simbine

Jenny Luong

Origin: Vietnam

"It's not just the academic support a collegiate environment provides, but also the personal services and facilities that are important when you are living by yourself. That's why I chose IH."

Jenny Luong

"It was a big decision to move so far away from home, but I have never regretted it. Melbourne is a great city and almost like a second home to me now.

"When I first came here I wanted to stay close to my university for convenience, and the idea of living with other international students motivated me to choose IH over the other colleges.

"The cultural diversity of IH has never ceased to amaze me. Making friends from all over the world, trying cuisines that I have never heard of before, learning about everyone's differences as well as their similarities - these are only a few things that have made me feel like IH is not just a place to stay but a community to connect with and participate in.

"While it is good to be with other graduate students who have similar academic commitments and ambitions, the events and activities organised by the Graduate Student Club certainly make living at IH very exciting!"

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