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Meet Wallace

“International House is a unique community where individuals of all backgrounds feel welcomed and have the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with a diverse group of peers. I have learnt and shared so much with my incredibly talented, passionate and welcoming peers. The facilities, resources and services at IH are first-class. Graduate rooms are spacious, well-designed and comprehensive. The suite of supplementary resources and services available to International House residents has enabled me to better engage with my academic, sporting and extracurricular commitments.”

Wallace Jin is from Brisbane, Australia and is studying Doctor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne. Wallace is the Graduate Student Club President in 2019 - 2020.

Meet Sydney

“My highlights have been some of the amazing social events we have had at International House! Our graduate student community has organized some amazing functions with food, games and usually dancing which has allowed me to make some amazing friends and fun memories. This community has allowed me to feel supported, safe and included throughout this year, they really have become my family in Australia."

Sydney Shacklock is from Canada and is studying Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Melbourne. Sydney is the Charlie-Jong Scholarship recipient and the Graduate Student Club Community Officer in 2019 - 2020.

Meet Alejandro

“Both the staff and the students at International House are kind, attentive and supportive. They truly made me feel at home since the day I arrived. This is enhanced by events of many types (academic seminars, barbeques, competitions, formal dinners and parties) running through out the year. The college facilities are excellent too. IH offers a complete breakfast every day, gym, library, study spaces, sport courts and many recreational areas that makes your everyday life enjoyable. Being part of IH allowed me to achieve a high performance in my professional and student life. Undoubtedly, IH was a flawless space for me to experience personal and professional growth. ”

Alejandro Del Castillo Garza is from Mexico and studied Executive Master of Arts at the University of Melbourne. Alejandro was a recipient of the Endeavour Leadership Program and FONCA-Conacyt for Overseas Graduate Studies.

Meet Kiara

“I loved formal dinners, student run events and work opportunities at International House. Movie nights with friends on random Saturday nights or breakfast conversations with the tutors and undergraduates also made the entire experience interesting. From these big things down to even the shortest interactions made my stay at IH. I think the biggest takeaway is also how much living at IH has changed the way I view the world – people come from all different walks of life and geographies, and they teach you about their experiences and worldviews, which I honestly believe I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.”

Kiara Isabelle Mijares is from the Philippines and studied Master in Applied Psychology at the University of Melbourne. Kiara was a Librarian Assistant and Residential Advisor at IH in 2019.

Meet Aaron

Living in a college means that you get to be part of a community, make friends, have cultural exchanges and clash of ideas. With 40+ nationalities being represented at IH and many of the students having lived or travelled internationally, it is the perfect place to learn about different cultures, embracing diversity and even learning to be tolerant and accepting. It has definitely broadened my horizons, helped me think outside the box and learned to embrace diversity and value differences; skills which are immensely useful in today’s workforce. One of the most amazing thing about IH is how friendly and helpful everyone is. From staff to students, everyone embraces the core values of IH which includes friendliness, creating a caring community and valuing the differences of different people. The facilities and services are top-notch at IH. Continuous improvement and renovations are made to the facilities and there is a dedicated maintenance team that responds to any maintenance issue swiftly. I must say that living at IH will spoil anyone with regards to the accessibility of facilities, the ease of maintenance and the convenience it provides."

Aaron Lim is from Malaysia and studied Master of Biotechnology at the University of Melbourne. Aaron was a graduate resident at International House in 2016 and a tutor (Biology, Biotechnology and Genetics) between 2017 - 2019.

Meet Hiba

International House is a complete package deal for graduates who love to live in a community that offers them all the facilities they could possibly need or want. The college provides spacious ensuite rooms with or without kitchenette based on individual preferences. We have everything from library, to gaming area, multi-purpose study room to BBQ lounge. We have a Bobeff cafĂ© run by undergrads who serve delicious coffee and beverages. At any point if you need anything, there are Duty Tutors, Residential Assistants, Student Committee members and the entire cohort ready to help and support regardless of the situation or issue. From staff to students, the entire community represents the college’s core values of friendliness and respects each other’s cultures. The bond that is created with everyone is extremely special and has enriched my personal and professional growth."

Hiba Naeem is from Saudi Arabia and is studying Master of Marketing Communications at the University of Melbourne. Hiba is the Graduate Student Club Vice President in 2019 - 2020.

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