Community and cultural events

Students at International House have the opportunity to be involved in a rich cultural and social program, both within the House and the wider intercollegiate community. This is not only for the enjoyment of fellow residents, but as a welcome distraction from academic study.

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Welcome Week

At the beginning of each semester, the Student Club and House Administration conduct a successful Welcome Program to help new students settle in, make new friends and find their way around Melbourne.

This action-packed week takes the stress out of moving to a new city and allows students to become familiar with the Melbourne, their University and International House. This should ensure that by the time the academic year starts, students will have met the other new students and feel comfortable in their new home.

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Cultural Nights

Cultural Nights are held twice each year in celebration of the diversity amongst the community. Cuisines of different countries are served and art, stories and dance are put on display.

Musical performance

Those who are musically inclined will have opportunities to display their talents at one of many International House performances such as Music Night or Cafe Internationale. At these fun nights of musical performance, bands and solo acts take to the stage to show off their talent to the community.

Watch an excerpt from one of our music nights here

IH Play

The House play, performed over three nights early in semester two, is a lively performance allowing IH residents with a talent for acting and singing to participate. Alternatively, the sound and lighting, set and costume design, photography and publicity associated with these events may provide the perfect opportunity to express your artistic talents!

IH Ball

The House Ball, organised by the Students' Club, provides a fun evening of dancing and enjoyment for all members of the House community and our many supporters. Traditionally organised around a theme, past years have seen the more daring members of the House attend in a variety of often outrageous costumes as well as the more usual formal attire.

IH Day

IH Day honours the first day that students entered the college way back in 1957. It is a celebration of the diversity of our community, and a great deal of fun! The Students' Club put on food, non-alcoholic beverages and festivities that range from a bucking bull, lazer tag and a jumping castle.

Other activities

The IH Student Club organise many activities during the year which help to build a spirit of friendship and multicultural community, and provide plenty of fun. Examples include traditional activities like movie nights, ski trips, camping and barbecues, as well as events oriented towards inter-cultural learning like the Songkran Water Festival and the Holi festival.

Intercollegiate events

During the year, the Intercollegiate Activities Council (ICAC) organises a comprehensive event calendar for students living at colleges of the University of Melbourne. In the past, International House students have participated in a Battle of the Bands, the Intercollegiate Play, a Dance-Off, a Quidditch competition, a film festival, trivia, writing and art exhibitions, a pool and darts competition, a debating competition and much more.

These activities enable International House students to get to know others within the wider college network, and challenge their abilities at a different level of competition.

Click here to watch the exciting IH contribution to a recent Dance-Off.

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