Meet our residents

Meet Sami

I loved the idea of being in a global community, a place where I could form new, lifelong friendships. The best part is being able to share and learn the stories and languages from such diverse, beautiful cultures. International House given me such a wider understanding of the world, for which I never knew I could know. I have changed to be a more worldly, understanding human being, who can think critically about different perspectives in an ever-connected world where such skills have never been more important.

Sami Zehir is from Port Fairy, Australia and is studying Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne. Sami is the Undergraduate Student Club President in 2019 - 2020 and is also an International House Scholarship recipient.

Meet Deborah

I can’t think of anything else at IH more amazing than the people that I’ve met here. They are so respectful and understanding of the diverse community that we live in. The college activities that we participate in together (CafĂ© Internationale, IH play, National Nights) provide just as much inspiration and education to me as the lectures that I attend at university

Deborah Lam is from Hong Kong and is studying Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. Deborah is also a Weickhardt Academic Excellent Scholarship recipient.

Meet Abhi

I did not expect to experience so much love and support from everyone at IH, from staff to students. The selflessness of people and the willingness to help others has been mesmerizing and something I will cherish all my life. IH provides a platform to make everlasting friendships and networks from all around the world.

Abhishek Kansakar is from Nepal and is studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. Abhi is a Librarian Assistant at IH and is also a Tritecha Tangmatitham Scholarship recipient.

Meet Owen

I was very impressed with what this college had to offer, with great facilities, lovely staff and a great community feel. I have thoroughly enjoyed just meeting and listening to the stories and cultures of the other students who have come from across the globe, which is something I have always wanted to do, but have never had the opportunity to do so.

Owen Hughes is from Wooden, Australia and is studying Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. Owen is also a Commerce at International House Scholarship recipient.

Meet Shyn Ee

I think what stands out for IH (for most of us probably) is the overwhelming sense of community. It has also added a lot of colour to my uni life because of the sheer amount of activities and opportunities we get to participate in. The scholarship is very nice because IH recognises achievements in different aspects of university life and it to encourage us to work hard.

Shyn Ee Phua is from Singapore and is studying Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. Shyn Ee is also a Mavis Jackson Scholarship recipient.

Meet Abbey

I wanted the security and community of college living for my first time living away from home and IH’s sense of community and acceptance really reflects my own values. I didn’t expect to experience such a sense of being home so soon after moving in. I got to know all these incredible new people. I’ve also loved how accepting, welcoming and kind all the seniors have been.

Abbey Milligan is from Bendigo, Australia and is studying Bachelor of Agriculture at the University of Melbourne. Abbey is also a Clifford Family Scholarship recipient.