Pastoral care

International House is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment, where difference is valued and the wellbeing of all residents is paramount.

As a department of the University of Melbourne, all members of the International House community have access to the University of Melbourne’s Safer Community Program, which residents can use to source advice and support if they see or experience problematic or inappropriate behaviours. This is in addition to being able to access support as outlined above.

International House residents can view and access the Safer Community Program at any time. Residents also have access to the University's medical and counselling services.

At the core of our pastoral care program are our Study Group Leaders who live among the residents, and who get to know the residents on their floors very well. They are there to support residents, offer advice and act as mentors.

Jessica Ching

Jessica  Ching

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology

Jessica teaches: 

  • Psychology
Shaveen Gamage

Shaveen Gamage

Bachelor of Biomedicine
Master of Engineering (Biomedical)

Shaveen teaches: 

  • Human Structure and Function
  • Frontiers in Biomedicine
  • Microbes, Infections and Responses
  • Open Cell Biology consultations
  • Open Genetics consultations
  • Open Polymers consultations
  • Open Statistics consultations
  • Monash University pharmacy subjects
Dr Yeekee Ku

Dr Yeekee Ku

- PhD (Urban Science)
- Master of Science (Urban Design)
- Bachelor of Architecture

Yeekee teaches:

  • Architecture and Design
Melissa Li

Melissa Li

- Master of Education (Policy in a Global Context specialisation)
- Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Philosophy Major)
- Bachelor of Arts (Honours in French Studies)
- Diploma in Languages (French Studies)

Melissa teaches:

  • Open Social Sciences
Bradley Mogic

Bradley Mogic

- Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Managment)

Bradley teaches: 

  • Commerce
  • Management
Jinny Shim

Jinny Shim

- Bachelor of Biomedicine
- Master of Nursing Science

Jinny teaches: 

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
Jenny Zhu

Jenny Zhu

Bachelor of Commerce
Master of Finance

Jenny teaches:

  • Accounting Reports and Analysis
  • Introductory Financial Accounting
  • Quantitative Methods 1
  • Principles of Finance
  • Open Finance and Accounting consultations
  • VBA, EViews, XERO, QuickBooks, MYOB and AccountRight software
  • Mandarin