2017 IH Winter Dinner with Mr Dick Seddon AM

The culture and the tradition of International House is what we make of it; challenge yourself and think about where you want to place International House today.

This short conclusion, delivered by Mr Dick Seddon, was perhaps the most thought-provoking statement at the 2017 IH Winter Dinner. Mr Seddon painted a vibrant picture of how life at IH was during the founding days. It was a time of uncertainty, with strong opposition against international students, yet it was a time of strong bonds between the students at IH. A bond that has stood the test of time and prevailed.

This was only the second time where the whole student body has dined together, to celebrate the commencement of semester 2. This new tradition of undergraduates and graduates all gathering together for the Winter Dinner started in 2016. As the students listened to Mr Seddon’s story, and his time as the student body president at IH, we realized that what we now take for granted, wasn’t always there. The international culture, students from different countries living together in harmony wasn’t the normal before IH was built. This made me realize that once students leave IH, what they will take with them are the moments and the bonds. The moments that made us laugh till we had tears rolling down our cheeks, and the moments that made us sad. The bonds, which span all over the world, formed at IH, as attested by Mr Seddon, are what lasts forever.

The 2017 Winter Dinner was no ordinary dinner, it was the first time in the history of IH where both presidents of the student body, the undergraduates’ student club and the postgraduates’ graduate student association, toasted the Yum Sing toast to the wellbeing of all the IH community. As Mr Seddon said, challenge yourself and think about the relevance of IH today. Yesterday, IH stood against the wave and accepted international students. Today, IH strengthens the bonds of all the students and the staff, and is a place for one to truly live to their full potential.

By Dave Rachasak Sachasiri (2017 President IHGSA)