Café International 2016

Café International was simply stunning! The performances, decorations, food and wine were amazing, and we’ve been receiving compliments ever since. The night began with guests’ entrance on the red carpet, before a generous round of pre-dinner drinks were served in the JCR which was filled with the jazz tones of Thomas Williams on piano.

Opening the evening’s program were the amazing vocals of Kesya Ganinduto and Aqilah Abdeen, accompanied by Claire Yip, with their beautiful rendition of Falling Slowly. Next up, Hamish Plaggemars and Mallory Cham dared to cover a song from Rent, personally my favourite musical, and ended up wowing us all. After entrée, the Burlesque dancers took to the stage with show-stopping choreography to Show Me How You Burlesque. Wen Jen Kiang stole the audience’s hearts with a touching performance of Les Miserables’ On My Own, just before Zac Hamilton-Russell showed our Head of College Dr Deborah Seifert, the night of her life and, proving he’s the triple threat of IH, performed Wicked’s Dancing Through Life.  

Giving the night the Old Broadway hit it needed was Matt Brunton performing Mack the Knife, which was certainly a crowd-pleaser with Peter Cole bopping and clapping along. To round off the pre-dessert performances, Anushka Mudholkar took to the stage, accompanied by Hamish Plaggemers performing the beautiful song Can You Feel the Love Tonight, from Disney's The Lion King. Following dessert the Footloose Crew took to the stage and, with Kenny Loggins blasting out of the speakers, showed all the Rotarians how to “kick off the Sunday shoes”. One the highlights of the night was the Big Band. Conducted by none other than Zoe Deed, the band opened with All That Jazz, with Anastasia Latin showing off her inner diva and stunning vocals. To end the night, Kesya Ganinduto once again returned to the stage, this time with Karolina Judd to perform an amazing reworked cover of Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know.

Special mentions to Zac Hamilton-Russell for performing in six acts, with Cosette Boland and Sarah Seery coming in second, with a solid four acts.

While the performers certainly are the stars of the show, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. I’d like to thank the MC’s and anyone involved with front of house, waiting, decorating, fundraising and any general helpers. Café wouldn’t have worked without you.

Finally a huge thank you to this year’s amazing Café committee, you were all simply wonderful to work with. Your dedication and the time and effort put in was greatly appreciated, not only by Ashleigh McNichol and me, but the night’s audience.

On one last note, the final profit stands at $6500! Half of this is to be donated to the charity ARC and Vellatur Orphanage in India.

Jacob Trethowan
Café Coordinator 2016