Holi Festival 2017

By Yasmin Khan

Holi originates in the mystical land of India and has been traditionally celebrated as a mark of cultural unity and brotherhood, making it one of the most "fraternitastic" IH events!

It is indeed the festival of colours, probably one of the few days in the year when society does not judge you for being painted in so many different colours.

On 25 March eager students, both graduates and undergraduates arrived at the IH front lawn ready to start celebrating. Very soon everyone present was covered in a multitude of bright colours and dancing to some of the best Indian songs available!

photo 1
IH students celebrate at the 2017 Holi festival

The festive vibe continued for hours with water being thrown around towards the end, which is another Holi tradition. It was incredible to see so many students of different backgrounds not only getting involved but also truly enjoying the experience.

The International House Cultural Committee was on hand with henna, a dye that is traditionally used in India, which fades over time. The talented artists worked their magic and the next day we saw many students rocking some incredible designs! There was also a sheet where students could paint their hands and print them as a memento.

The rest of the world eats to live; Indians – much like IHers – famously live to eat, and thus food is a big part of the day. This year it was no different at IH. The colours were topped off with some yummy samosas, awesome papads and evergreen lassi.  Needless to say it all went very quickly!

The beauty of IH Holi was that you didn’t need to understand the music to dance, you didn’t need to be hungry to eat and you didn’t need to be clean to have fun.

photo 1
IH students throw water and coloured powder during the 2017 Holi festival