IH abuzz as the Bobeff cafe is re-opened

By International House

There was a new kind of buzz at International House (IH) this week as students welcomed the re-opening of the Bobeff café, where hot beverages are on the house.

Staffed by a team of volunteer residents, the café is a project offering free barista training and work experience to students seeking casual employment in restaurants and cafes – and free coffee and hot chocolate for staff and residents.

Located on the ground floor of the new George Hicks Building at IH, the cafe is open from 10am to 5pm Monday through Friday for the 35 week academic year. It’s a project that is already working to increase the sense of collegiality and provide an on-demand caffeine-fix for students.Students in the Bobeff Cafe, International House

The Head of College, Dr Deborah Seifert said the cafe is an important initiative to develop the students’ teamwork and leadership skills, as they take on the responsibility of the cafe’s co-management with the IH senior executive and catering teams.

“IH has a history of providing new opportunities and experiences for students, who come from Australia and 40 countries around the world,” she said.

“The college is delighted to be partnering with our catering supplier Cater Care who will provide formal training and letters of reference for student volunteers.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to receive supervised training and practical working experience so they can acquire transferable skills ready for the next step in their careers.”

Visit the International House future residents page to learn more about other opportunities we provide for our residents.