IH's Got Talent

When it’s week six and you’re halfway through your semester of uni, you might be starting to feel a little bit of pressure with the assignments that you have due, or you might be a bit nervous about your upcoming mid semester tests. Have no fear because at International House we like to take a break to relieve this pressure, and what better way to do so than to host your very own IH’s Got Talent?!

International House students were so excited at the opportunity to get their best acts together, with people starting to rehearse their acts immediately. In no time at all, the sign-up sheet was filled with the names of the keen IHers who were ready to showcase their talent to the rest of International House.

IH's got talent

Finally, the big night had arrived; after dinner on Saturday the 16th of April, the Junior Common Room had been transformed into a stage and the audience was filled with excited IHers who were ready to enjoy a night full of entertainment and good times.

The acts throughout the night certainly demonstrated that IH does in fact have talent!

There were people who sang so beautifully, such as the lead of last year’s IH musical, Anastasia, when she came out with a cover of ‘Feeling Good’. There were also many instrumental acts throughout the night including when Luigi… I mean Arthur ;), entertained the audience with his drum cover of the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ theme song. Musical items were not the only talent displayed that night, there were some beautiful poetic readings, speeches with powerful messages and comedic skits that had the audience in fits of laughter.


As the night drew to a close, it was time for the final act of the night. The residents of the Wadham building at IH had prepared an absolute treat for the audience - they had created a Disney mash up! Highlights of the performance included Fi as baby Simba at the top of Pride Rock, Bella as Aladdin serenading a beautiful blonde Bakhtawar as Jasmine on their flying carpet and Josh as Ariel, leaving the audience wishing they were ‘Part of Wadham 2’.

Congratulations to everyone who performed; it was amazing to see everyone getting up there and having a great time. Overall, it was a fantastic night for everyone to get together and enjoy the talents that IHers had to offer and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the next IH’s got talent!

Published by International House on Wednesday 27 April 2016